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 Hoosier Energy Shovel Ready Sites

Indiana and Illinois have certified the following properties as Shovel-Ready.  The following sites are located within Hoosier Energy's partner counties.

Minimum Standards for Certification

  • Executive level community support (Mayor, County Commissioners, Town Council President) demonstrating a local commitment to expedite, when necessary, local permitting
  • Ownership of property clearly identifies; property should be owned or optioned by local economic development organization, local unit of government, developer, end user or utility
  • Sufficient infrastructure in place
  • Identification of water bodies and receiving streams at the site, including having a Waters of the State determination
  • Topography maps associated with the site
  • Environmental assessments of property complete through Phase I, and if indicated, Phase II

Goals for Certification

  • Help local communities prepare sites for development by pre-permitting a site as much as possible
  • Certify cites to help companies more easily navigate the selection and permitting process
  • Generate a list of remaining permits necessary for a specific site
  • Help fast-tract the remaining state, federal and local business/industry specific permits
  • Provide marketing assistance through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation site database

To learn more about any of the Hoosier Energy Shovel-Ready Sites, click the link below to download a full report on the site.

In Indiana:

    In Illinois:

    To download a map of the Hoosier Energy Partner Counties, click here.