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Relocation Incentives

Download Hoosier Energy Economic Development's grant and incentive PDF for more details on available financial advantages for Indiana business. Or visit the Illinois Business Portal to learn about grants and incentives available to Illinois business.

Business Incentives

From low business taxes to available tax credits, an Indiana or Illinois relocation brings with it a variety of significant financial advantages. Some of the financial benefits available in the Hoosier Energy service territory include:
  • State grants and incentives
  • Local incentives
  • Tax abatements
  • Low workers compensation and unemployment insurance costs
See incentives for Indiana
See incentives for Illinois

Indiana Grant and Incentive Programs

State and local grants and incentives reward job creation, facility rehabilitation, capital investment and more. For detailed information on available Indiana business incentives and grants, click on the links below or download our PDF.

21st Century Research & Technology Fund
Created to encourage diversification of the state’s economy, this grant may be available to Indiana businesses involved in advanced technology development.

Skills Enhancement Fund
Providing financial assistance for workforce training, this fund is available for employees who reside in Indiana.

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit
HBITC was created to drive capital investment through the provision of a credit against an Indiana business’ tax liability.

Indiana EDGE Credit
Encouraging companies to expand or locate operations in Indiana, this tax credit is calculated as a percentage of payroll tax withholding for net new Indiana jobs.

For more incentives and grants, click here.

Illinois Grant and Incentive Programs

From start-ups to well-established industry leaders, Illinois provides a variety of state-level incentives to help you grow. See below or visit the state’s business portal to learn more.

Illinois EDGE Program
For companies that add to the export potential of Illinois, create 25 new jobs and make a capital investment of at least $5 million, this program provides up to 10 years of tax credits.

High Impact Business Program
This tax credit is designed to stimulate large-scale investment and job creation/retention for start-ups.

Large Business Development Program
The program is designed to provide grants for major expansions or relocations that will result in substantial privateinvestment and the creation and/or retention of Illinois jobs.

Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit
Earn a credit on exempt purchases of manufacturing machinery and equipment. 

ETIP grants may reimburse Illinois companies for up to 50 percent of the cost of training their employees.  

A Lower Cost of Living

In addition to available grants, incentives and tax credits, the Hoosier Energy service territory boasts an overall low cost of living:
  • Low workers compensations and unemployment insurance
  • No inventory tax
  • Some of the lowest Sales and Use taxes in the Midwest
  • Affordable real estate in a financially reliable housing market
Learn more about special incentive programs, grants, tax credits and workforce training to support your Indiana or Illinois relocation or expansion by contacting Hoosier Energy Economic Development.